Beautiful Cues

    Jacoby "Edge Hybird"

  High Performance Shaft



The Edge Hybrid is the ONLY high performance shaft that can be custom ordered in different joint styles, various millimeters and shaft lengths up to 31".


Reducing Cue Ball Squirt: 
Cue ball squirt is caused when the cue ball is hit off it's center line when applying English.  As a result, your aiming point changes in order to compensate.  The need to compensate is minimized by reducing front weight and increasing shaft flex, so upon contact the cue ball is able to push the shaft out of its path in order for the cue ball to stay on the desired path.  

The typical unwanted shaft vibration present when extreme English is applied is virtually eliminated by the vibration-dampening core. This leads to being much more accurate.



Our ferrules are comprised of rigid polyurethane that is very light and provides great impact resistance.  They are machined with a unique hole pattern to further reduce weight and insure maximum tip adhesion.



Balanced Construction: 
The spliced laminated construction yields unprecedented symmetry and balance found in no other shaft, providing maximum stability and radial consistency in play.



Because of the construction of the shaft, the individual characteristics of the veneers average themselves out.  This yields a shaft that is more consistent than any other shaft in the way the shaft will react on each shot, along with the weight and playability of one shaft to another. 


A feather light ferrule and vibration-

dampening core greatly reduce

unwanted weight in the front end. 

This drastically reduces unwanted

shaft deflection.